SMA Team

Solo Martial Arts Instructors have devoted many years to training in a variety of martial art styles, and have attained a high level of expertise, fully qualifying them as teachers and mentors.

All of our instructors go through a rigorous screening process. First, we conduct interviews and background checks to make sure they’re total experts. Through extensive testing, certification and tournament level competition, our instructors have attained mastery in our style, and enjoy sharing and passing on their skills to our students.

We want to know that they are PASSIONATE, full of ENERGY, truly love helping kids, and know how to have FUN! We want to know because we know that’s what you will demand for your child.

Our instructors are amazing people, and wonderful role models who are there to help your child get ahead in life.

Here are a few of Solo Martial Arts Instructors and other staff members……….

Our dedicated instructors
Darren Hunter
Sensei Darren, Founder of Solo Martial Arts

I Have been studying martial arts since the age of ten, due to bullying problems and remained part of my life ever since.

Through the years I have trained with renewed instructors in different martial art systems. The likes of Doug James, Gary Payne, Andy Norman Mark Davies, Krishna Godhania, Bill “Superfoot” Wallace.
Along with an extensive martial art knowledge I also hold qualification in fitness; Certified Kettlebell Instructor , Boxing for fitness “Thump Training System” recognised by REPS (Register of exercise professionals)

Quote From Instructor “Martial arts is my life 🙂 ”

Sensei Jason
Jason Browning
Sensei Jason Browning

Has been professionally teaching for 2 years, existentially been trained in SMAKIDZ age specific development curriculums, having over 10 years experience, starting his martial arts journey as a child in Solo martial Arts and continues to keep progressing his own personal martial art skills in many areas from filipino martial arts, realty defence, kickboxing, karate & performance martial arts under founders tutelage.
Along with teaching skills also has a complete up to date first aid qualification and DBS (CRB) Vetted.
Why Became Instructor:
Having martial arts always been a big influence as a child, gaining black belt qualification and continuing regularly every week training and attending university, the decision for a career path was easy.
I could pass my passion on and share the joy of martial arts.

Sensei Dee
Dee Hunter
Sensei Dee Hunter

Has been teaching for 10years and trained extensively in age specific development for children. Along with teaching skills also has a complete up to date first aid qualification and DBS (CRB) Vetted, BA (Hons) Playwork undergraduate course.
Sensei Dee also hold a SIA Door Supervision qualification.

Why Became an Instructor:
Became an instructor because had a passion for sharing the many unique benefits of what martial arts has to offer.

Role Model: My BrotherMartial Arts

Quote from Instructor:
“I’m Very passionate about helping children excel in life, Im honoured to coach all at SMAKIDZ exclusive academy, and I have a great team with me, that understand the importance of child stage development, I love watching, coaching the start of each adventure and seeing them grow and enjoying their journey.
Look forward to seeing you on the mats, its not just a sport or hobby, its a lifestyle”