Parent’s code of conduct

Parents and peers have a major part to play in the development of
young children by showing a positive sporting attitude and nurturing a positive learning environment at all times.
During classes and events always remember that young children independent individuals, with their own goals and aspirations. We should always remember not to live through them vicariously and try to encourage their individual character and achievement. Young children are involved for their martial art, for their own individual development , not ours.

It is important to let the Sensei’s ’ coach and teach; barracking and interrupting classes will not be tolerated. You have entrusted the care of your child to the SMAKIDZ Academy Sensei’s and they need to be free to do their job. If a child receives ‘sideline coaching’ from parents or family members, this can be confusing, especially at the younger age
groups, and their performance could decline as a result.

Please Remember our class Sensei’s are trained to a high level to deliver this unique age specific development program.

• You have a responsibility to encourage your child.
• Applaud good spotsmanship by both teams, recognise achievements of others
• Teamwork and giving 100% are more important than winning. We should accept losing as much as winning and turn negative situations into positive, e.g. “hard luck, but better luck next time”.
• Never ridicule or shout at students whether they are your child or his/her team mate or even the opposition.
• Never publicly question match officials in tournaments or sparring, never doubt their honesty.
Never publicly ridicule the coaches and remember to recognise the importance of all coaches who give their time to help develop the children.