Knowledge;To know things through practice.

Knowledge: To know things through practice.

Knowledge is power. The more things you know, the more tools you have to achieve your goals in life.

The important thing to understand is that learning and knowing things are two completely different things. For example, you can learn martial arts moves but to really know how to do them well takes lots of practice.

The best part about having knowledge is that it gives you self-confidence. You feel confident when you can demonstrate a martial arts move you have learned and practiced or when your teachers ask you questions and you know the answers.

Student: Knowing things are really cool because when you do, it makes you feel smart. Now if you want to know how to do something really well and be great at doing it then you have to be willing to practice. For example, the very first time you learned to ride a bike, where you very good at it? Probably not right? But if you’ve practiced a lot since then, you should know how to ride a bike really well. The same thing goes for your martial arts training. You have to practice what you’ve learned in class to earn your stripes.

Another cool thing about having knowledge is that it gives you self-confidence. It feels good when your teachers ask you questions and you know the answers right? So remember, if you want to really know something then you have to study or practice.


Parents: As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power.” When we know things we feel confident and empowered. The key is to recognize learning and knowing are not the same thing. You may learn something but to know it you must be willing to practice it over and over. This act of repetitive practice is what it takes to know or master something.

The challenge is that some children are not willing to practice or study something well enough to truly know it and be great at it. They never experience “greatness” because when things are hard quitting is easier. So as a parent, you must motivate or in some cases make your children practice, so that they learn what it takes to know something. This will also help to build their self-esteem and teach them good work ethics.