Dynamic SMAKIDZ 10-14 year Classes

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SMAKIDZ 10-14 yrs classes

Ten to fourteen-year old’s are the smartest students in the school. Yes, they are smarter than most adults! They are also physically competent and can excel in most physical challenges that are presented to them. The problem we discovered is they are so focused on what is socially acceptable that they have a hard time keeping themselves emotionally driven to the task at hand. The solution we found is to provide them with their own programme that targets their stage of development in a manner that nurtures their social and emotional instability while at the same time building skills that set them up for success.
With that said a structured programme introducing Dynamic skill-based training in Martial Arts has proven to be very successful.

By understanding the stages of development of a ten to fourteen year olds, we are able to train children in eight, age –specific skills, that make up the Dynamic SMAKIDZ programme.

These eight skills are:

1 Dexterity,
2 Reaction,
3 Versatility,
4 Momentum,
5 Precision,
6 Instinct,
7 Strength
8 Speed.

How does it work ?

We cover one of the above skills per class (in order). During each class we run a warm-up, deliver our Character Development topic chat, we run through age specific Dynamic learning exercises building the skill; and then we have your child demonstrate the skill to earn their skill-stripe.

Children must earn all 8 skills stripes in order to graduate to the next coloured belt level. Once your child has earned their next belt they will continue to run through all 8 skills earning their stripes with more challenging curriculum exercises
(still specific to their ages and development) as they advance to each rank.

All students that graduate this programme are considered knowledgeable in the skills provided and therefore qualify to move onto the prestigious rank of Junior Black Belt more advanced Age specific programme

Here is a quick example of what a beginner student must demonstrate for a “DEXTERITY” skill:
Demonstrating the three beginner block’s and three beginner strikes from memory. They must show the proper chambers and ending position for all of the moves in order to pass.

At SMA we take martial arts training for pre-teens to a whole new level!

We use Dynamic elements of traditional martial arts curriculums to build skills that are appropriate for ten to fourteen year olds. This means that your child will learn and grow at a pace that is not too easy, nor too challenging. The best part is that Dynamic SMAKIDZ will equip your child with skills they will utilise in every area of their life for the rest of their lives.


“My son and I have joined and we couldn’t be happier. I never expected to enjoy so much and feel so motivated about it but to my surprise I love it as it keeps getting better and better. I am so grateful to them for giving me the opportunity to join them and meeting great people. Thank you very much Miss Dee Hunter for the hard work you do for us.”
Carmen R Sanchez

Class Feedback

My name is Sara and I am a child Psychotherapist. I work with children and adolescents who have experienced trauma. As a mother of a young boy of 6, I am very aware of how challenging childhood can be, but I am also aware of the fun childhood can bring, not least of all, the after school clubs that children can join.

My son began to talk more and more about different activities that his friends were doing after school, and it was then that a family friend spoke about how much his daughter loved the Karate club that she was a member of.

So I spoke with my son and asked if he would like to go along to see if he liked it, he said yes, and was really excited to go knowing his Hannah (family friend’s daughter) went there.

I contacted SOLO martial arts and went along to speak with one of the trainers, to find out a bit more.

I was really surprised but also encouraged by SOLO martial arts ethos, which includes following a ‘child focussed developmental program’, meaning that each child trains within their developmental ability.

The foundation of learning about Respect, Team Work, Focus and many other life skills encouraged me in my son’s decision to go along and have a go.

My son has been a member of SOLO martial arts for just over a year, and in that time he has made many friends of both his own age, younger and older. He has also had the experience of belt testing, and different summer camps.

What I have seen, as a Psychotherapist, has been truly inspirational.
I have seen a dedicated team of professionals who make the experience of Karate, accessible to children of all abilities. Through their nurturing, support, and encouragement I have seen children who, under different circumstances, would not have achieved what they have:
The little boy who spent months sitting on the stairs terrified to go onto the mat with the other children, who, through the wonderfully mindful female trainer, and the children in his group, eventually joined in and has since passed three belt tests.

The six-year-old boy who was really shy when he joined at the same time as my son, who was encouraged, supported and given such positive reinforcement by the trainers, now has so much confidence as he shouts out his Karate commands, and has passed all his belt tests to date.

These, and many other moments like them, give me confidence to say that I couldn’t recommend SOLO martial arts more.

I can recommend SOLO to any Mother or Father who is thinking about an after school activity for their child, that will not only teach them many valuable life lessons, make new friends, and feel supported, but also offer them a chance to achieve high levels of fitness, stamina and success in Karate as a sport if they so desire.
Warmest regards

Sara and Son.