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A great range of martial arts classes in Gosforth, Newcastle.
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At Solo Martial Arts Academies we welcome you into our special family of martial artists, where we care about the safety, well-being and advancement of every student, regardless of rank or position in life. Our slogan is “Building a Stronger Community, One Student at a Time.”

Our target audience includes, in part, working professionals, families, hobbyists, and martial arts enthusiasts who want to learn effective martial arts in a controlled and respectful environment.  To learn more about our programmes, see our range of classes below and click for more information.

SMA Classes

A great range of classes

Our professional and qualified instructors are motivating and encouraging, setting goals within each session and improving your confidence, self esteem, weight loss, focus, fitness, coordination, balance, flexibility, self defence skills and determination class by class!

Fusion is a blend of the excitement of the SMAKIDS Classes and the real-deal self defence and conditioning of the Integrated martial arts (Adult) Programme. The programme is lead with the knowledge that this age group has specific wants and needs that are unique to them.

Imagine a classroom of happy, highly motivated children having fun and learning skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. This is what our Children’s Martial Arts Program can do for your child.

Hyper Pro Training lessons are high energy, dynamic and a huge amount of fun. Students learn how to combine their martial arts with gymnastic and tricking skills with a view to them competing and performing.

Many schools offer short courses in self defence, and while these courses are beneficial, Master Darren Hunter realizes a more extensive program is needed to develop a good understanding of how to defend yourself.

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