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Believing in yourself  

  Martial arts for children, and adults, is much more than just ‘how to punch and kick’. Today at SMAKIDZ Academy I talked to the kids about a simple concept: “Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it” The message is simple: You may not hit your goals tomorrow, or next week, but you can take small

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Be your own Fan

Be your Own Fan🤗 Start to take positive steps in believing in yourself. Start to acknowledge your successes It’s a sad fact that in the world 🌎 some will try to pull you down, if your self worth is reliant on the words of others it’s a rocky road. Before we can help others we

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Taping a fight.

Back to School Bullying issues

One of the biggest concerns from parents during the back-to-school season is bullying. Some 160,000 kids skip school every day because they fear of being attacked or ridiculed by bullies. The good news is that these disturbing statistics can be limited with the proper education.   As an educator that has worked with hundreds of

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Stop Dieting

Stop Dieting, odd thing to say you may thinking! Their will always be a pay as you go exercise class, A  four, six, twelve week bootcamp, new diet , new way to burn calories. A fast track to prefect body size in xyz amount of weeks, and the list goes on! Your body weight could

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Keep yourself moving!

A lot of things I have not had to face, like bad blood pressure, high cholesterol, I’ve been lucky enough to be a profession martial artist. however I can share stores of other people that I have helped through my SOLO lifestyle studio. Here’s a fact you may not of thought of, that our bodies

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How to discover fitness – with a purpose

Martial arts offer many benefits to modern living. One of the key things we’re aware of is that martial arts offers fitness with a purpose. It’s the antithesis of a gym, where you can arrive for a session and barely speak to anyone. At Solo Martial Arts we’re proud of the community we’ve built up

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We ‘can do’, can you?

Hello, The SMAKIDZ Academy is a children-only martial arts academy. As a result of our expansion our entire upstairs studio is now dedicated to our children’s classes, giving us a child-friendly and welcoming space for even our youngest students. Our dojo in South Gosforth (less than five minutes’ walk from the Metro station), offers a

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Where martial arts meets the ninja lifestyle

Solo Martial Arts is home to Sensei Darren Hunter’s Integrated School of Martial Arts System – and of Dynamic Karate for kids. Developed to meet your child’s needs Our kids’ martial art classes are unique because we split our classes into age specific groups. What does this mean? Well, instead of putting children of 7-years-old

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Solo Hyper Academy

Solo Hyper Academy Launches “Inward Investment, Upholding Standards” We are excited to offer this modern fusion of martial arts , gymnastics tricks and cool weapon performances. We have been running hyper pro training at our Solo Lifestyle Studio for some time solely for our members only. We are happy to announce the launch of Solo

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