The Benefits of Game-Based Learning for 5-6 year olds When people generally think of “play” they think of fun and games…something simply for amusement and nothing more. However, there is a bigger, and more important, piece that is often overlooked…learning. As Kay Redfield Jamison said, “Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is

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Benefits of martial arts for kids

Hidden Benefits of Martial Arts

Hey SOLO KIDS Studio Parents, Have you ever had that friend that asked “Why is your son/daughter in martial arts?” I am sure you have. I am also sure that you were able to provide a great answer to that question. I was recently asked that question as well! Why do I recommend kids training?

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Kids Summer Tee

This Summer for our kids Age specific development Studio we have our Special Edition “Foundation” life skill tee shirt. All youth excel when they develop a foundation of skills to manage school, social friendships Life is about making connections; Physically, Intellectually, emotionally and socially. These Skills include planning, focus, self control & awareness. It all

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Age specific Child Development

Skills for success in life

Kicks and punches are about the least of what we teach. Your child is far more likely to need skills for success in life, school, and the future than they are to need to defend themselves physically. Interested in what we do ? Grab a Placement evaluation appointment ..drop us an email.

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Encouraging Respectable People.

When our students say, “Yes, sir/miss!” when they speak to us, it is not about us. It is a chance for them to tell the world, through their pattern of speech, that they are respectable people. When we give respect we become worthy of that same respect. So next time one of my 9 year

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Adults Martial Arts Gosforth

We provide age-specific programs for Adults

Unlike other programs that mix kids, teens, and adults all in one class, our adults program is just that: for adults! We won’t put kids in your class, we understand your needs are different, just as theirs are different from those of adults. That’s exactly why we provide the Adults Only Studio to cater to

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