Awesome weekly children’s martial art classes

Local martial arts academy puts the power in kids’ character!
SMAKiDZ Academy is proud to be launching the industry’s leading Character Development! Now a Personal Development Centre, The SMAKiDZ Academy is incorporating this comprehensive character development programme with their fun and exciting martial arts curriculum for children ages 4- 14.
The programme forms the backbone from which all of our students can study, grow, develop, learn and become an upstanding member of our community and a confident individual.  “This full education process provides purpose to what we do as teachers—it gives our students something for which to strive, the strength to explore, and a foundation on which to succeed.  We feel that by providing several facets to learning, both physical and mental, we can ultimately help our students to grow in a variety of positive ways,” says Dr. Robyn J.A. Silverman, creator of the Powerful Words Character Development System.

Using Powerful Words Character Development, which includes “The Powerful Word of the Month” projects and lessons within the context of a fun, organised SMAKiDZ curriculum can invite students to listen, share, discover, and reflect—and of course, bring the lessons home to their family.  Students and their families can use this positive approach to set, evaluate, prioritise, and achieve goals—building strength, respect, responsibility, and hope along the way.  They learn the power of choice, the thrill of accomplishment, as well as the consequences and rewards of certain behaviours.

“Ultimately, our aim is to help our students embrace the person that they are, respect those around them, and share their appreciation at home, in school, at Solo Martial Arts Academy, and within their community while having a terrific time learning at our facility.”