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We are all used to spending money at Costa or Starbucks during the week or at the weekend, and through the month we never consider what value we have received from the money we spend on drinks and snacks.
For less than we spend on drinks and snacks through the month, you could get in incredible shape, meet new friends and take up a new challenge.

Meditation, helping you de-stress

adult martial arts classes Newcastle


“My stress levels have dropped loads since I’ve started pounding the bags at the studio. Dee and Darren make it such an enjoyable place to be and everyone who trains here are really nice people. ”
Deka Hall


“Absolutely fantastic class! So enjoyable even though it made me realise just how unfit I am. But it has given me the motivation to get fit and have fun while doing it!”
Amy Wilson Evans

adult martial arts


Solo Martial Arts Lifestyle Studio is a unique family oriented facility dedicated to the mental and physical enhancement of the human spirit. Our facility is an environment to experience empowerment and feel positive.
Our belief is that martial arts is a personal journey, a lifestyle, not a quick fix or race. You work at our own pace, overcome your own obstacles and through the power of martial arts we “live to improve our lives”.

Practicing martial arts helps you feel safe and confident in today’s society and provides an excellent way to manage stress, get in shape and feel great!

Our Adults programme features Solo Martial Arts system: The SMA Integrated Martial Arts programme combines a comprehensive and progressive curriculum for adults and teens. It uses a fantastic rotational curriculum format teaching kickboxing, Sport Karate, Ground work, Filipino martial arts, Self Defence and Conflict Avoidance

Above all, our adults martial arts programme offers you a community to help you live to improve your life through self discipline, self confidence and self respect, as we say, “It’s a Lifestyle!!

Do we wear uniforms? Yes

Wearing uniform helps with your mindset; you belong to a motivation team. Just think when you come home from work, what’s the first thing you do? Get changed right! Why because when you do your mindset changes. When you put your suit on you feel important, we all have different clothing for different occasions. Ours happens to be the environment and culture of martial arts, were uniforms are required.

We have a culture of “Learn and earn” which means nothing is given, everything is earned through personal development.

adult martial arts classes Newcastle

Days / times

Book your ‘Personal Try Out’ today.
You can rest assured that is is just for you, it’s personal, you get to try a great class and learn all about what the classes involve …Just for you!

What you’ll get when you book: Two private 45 minute classes where we focus entirely on you.
Our awesome boxing pack that includes gloves, skipping rope and hand wraps

adult martial arts classes Newcastle


“The lifestyle is fab! The glimmer in Dee’s eyes when she gets all excited teaching us, it’s just awesome! Gets us motivated to just go for it! There’s something about punching and kicking that is just so liberating. I would highly recommend the programme. Meet such fab people along the way.”
Julita Zam

adult martial arts classes Newcastle

Fitness with a Purpose

Yes, you will become stronger and fitter training with us, become toned, gain muscle strength and become more flexible. The difference at SMA is you’ll become fit why’ll learning how to defend yourself. Were not going to turn you into a body builder, you’ll need a gym, for that but were will help you lose weight, maintain yourt goals, tone up and become healthy through the practice of martial arts. Enjoy great workouts from kickboxing and boxing techniques. Everyone know there’s no better workout than kickboxing!!

adult martial arts classes Newcastle

adult martial arts classes Newcastle