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...it's a lifestyle... building a stronger community one student at a time
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Solo Martial Arts are a team of dedicated professionals who, through the medium of martial arts, education and example strive to give all clients of any age a positive outlook on life and the means and confidence to succeed.

Meet the SMA team

Solo Martial Arts Newcastle

Our aim is to encourage rather than to instil and whilst equipping our members with the knowlwdge and ability to defend themselves, to give them the moral guidance and attitude not to abuse their skills. Solo Martial Arts teach them to respect others as they respect themselves and their own well being

Solo Martial Arts have facilities to provide a varied Martial Arts experience for the whole family. You may be a busy mum looking for a class that will allow you to let off some steam, get fit or just get out of the house once or twice a week. You could be a dad looking to get your old fitness levels back or looking to take part in activities with the kids.

Solo Martial Arts have classes for teenagers, adults, ladies only, kids and plenty of choice in our courses, workshops and seminars.
Whatever you are looking for we can help.

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